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As a Class II SOT dealer, Virginia Citizens Armory has over 60 different fully automatic firearms in inventory that are available for rent in the Northern Virginia area. All shoots happen at a private range facility with whom we work, or at your private property (if safety requirements are met). Contact us today to schedule your full-auto experience. Great for birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, client experiences, or a fun family day at the range!

Our full-auto inventory includes:

Belt Fed: M2 .50cal, M249 SAW,

M60, Maxim, MG34, MG42, PKM, RPD, SG43, ZB37, 1919

Rifles:  AK74, AKM (AK-47), AKMS, AKS-74U (Krinkov), AMD-65, Steyr AUG, AVT, COLT 602, FN FAL, SA58, G36, M14, M16A1, M16A3, M2 Carbine, M4A1, M4A1-BLOK2, RPK, RPK-74, XM177E2 (CAR-15), VZ58, SCAR H

Submachine Guns: DOE, FN P90, Glock 18, Grease Gun M3, Grease Gun M3A1, HK UMP, MP-41R, MP3008, MP34, MP40, MP5A2, MP5A3, MP5SD, MPX, PPS-43, PPSH-41, Sten MK2, STEN MK3, STEN MK5, Sterling, Thompson, UZI, VZ61, SCORPION EVO3 Special, Lewis Gun, Madsen Gun, DP-28, DPM, M203, M82A1

*No Full-Auto Firearms are for sale*

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